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Less traveled, beautiful Wine Countries of California

Less traveled, beautiful Wine Countries of California

Madeline Puckette recently published an article called “8 Alternative Wine Trails of California” on Wine Folly about different Wine Trails of California that are less traveled but fascinating and additionally affordably, too. I would like to introduce two of them to you. I especially chose these because they produce different types of wine and besides to offer you some new opportunities to explore new regions with unexpectedly good wines.

1. Lake County

Lake County is known for its bold and balanced Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. The average price for wine tastings is about 20-30 dollar. The high quality wines are known for their intense flavor from growing on red volcanic soil in high altitude locations and are often sold to Sonoma and Napa wineries. This place is loved for its small amount of wineries but awesome quality and over a hundred grape growers.

But there are also other aspects that make it worth to visit Lake County. As the name indicates you will find the largest natural and by the way also historic lake in California. You would like to do something else except enjoying a cool glass of wine surrounded by beautiful nature? No problem, there are lots of activities like water sports, horseback riding through the hills and vineyards, cycling or fishing.

2. Sonoma Coast (North)

The place to be for light and elegant Chardonnay and Pinot Noir lovers. The average price of wine tastings is in comparison to Lake County a little bit higher but it’s worth a visit. In addition there are plenty of events what offers another fun way to taste wine. This area is a little more isolated and loved for the rustic and charming fog covered beach cliffs.

Sonoma Coast wine history began in the early 1800’s when Russian Colonists planted grapes at Fort Ross. Now it is regarded as one of the world’s leading regions for top quality wine. If you get unexpectedly tired of tasting chilly high quality wines you could spend your time with whale watching, hiking along the beach or ride a horse along the beach. You like adventures? A popular option to stay is cabin camping what is a lot of fun, no matter if you spend the time with your life partner, children or friends.

Take some time and check out the whole article to get introduced to the other alternative Wine Trails of California and to see some more opportunities.