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How to Use Coravin: Pivot™

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Introducing Coravin Pivot, the newest wine preservation system added to the Coravin fleet. Unlike the Coravin needle systems (e.g. the Timeless Three, Timeless Five, and Timeless Six), the Pivot does require you to pull the cork. After pulling the cork, you’ll insert a stopper and the device before pouring. This method preserves your everyday, table wines for up to four weeks allowing you to match wines to your mood, dinner courses, or the weather. So, if Wednesdays happen to be pasta night, Coravin Pivot is perfect for helping your favorite Chianti last all month.

How to use Coravin Pivot

Coravin Pivot doesn’t have a needle like the Timeless Three, Five or Six, but it does use the same Coravin Pure™ Capsules – which are filled with pure argon gas that blankets and preserves the remaining wine in the bottle.

Before your first use, unscrew the capsule cup and place your Coravin capsule inside the cup round end first. Screw the capsule cup back onto the device until tight. Now, it’s time to pour.

how to use coravin pivot

Here is how to use Coravin Pivot in 5 steps:

  1. Open the bottle of wine. Wine with a cork, synthetic cork, and screw cap all work.

  2. Replace the cork or screw cap with the Pivot’s stopper. Ensure the stopper and the bottle's neck are both dry.

  3. With the stopper open, insert the Pivot device through the stopper until it clicks into place.

  4. With one hand holding the bottle and the other through the loop of the handle. Tilt the bottle to a 45° angle, then press and hold the button to pour. Release the button and bring the bottle upright to stop the pour.

  5. To close and preserve the bottle, place it on a table and pull the Pivot device straight up and close the stopper immediately. Store the bottles on their side or upright.

How to Use Coravin: Pivot®

Our favorite use cases for Coravin Pivot

Pivot is great for preserving those table wines you don’t want to finish in one sitting. The device also allows you to drink in moderation – so if you have a glass once or twice per week, this system is for you.

  • Pair with dinner and leftovers: If you love pairing wine with dinner, the Coravin Pivot system comes with two stoppers. This allows you to, for example, rotate a red and a white throughout the week to ensure your wine pairs perfectly with white fish and chicken, then red sauce or steak dishes.

  • Enjoy wine on weekends: If you reserve drinking for weekends, the Pivot system allows you to pour a glass on Friday and Saturday, then save and preserve the rest of the bottle for up to 4 weeks.

  • Drink in moderation: Coravin’s Pivot system is perfect if you have a low alcohol tolerance or prefer drinking in moderation. It allows you to have one glass a few nights per week without spoiling the wine.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding: Of course, before we get into this, talk to your doctor about whether or not it's safe for you to enjoy a sip of wine here and there while pregnant or breastfeeding. If wine is off-limits for you, the Pivot could be a great gift for your partner who is missing sharing a bottle.

We’d love to see how Pivot fits into your lifestyle. Tag us on social, @Coravin to show this wine saver in action.