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Timeless Three Enthusiast Set

$469.00 Regular price $502.00

Introducing the Timeless Three+ Enthusiast Set, perfectly tailored for an emerging wine connoisseur. This set includes the popular Timeless Three+ Wine Preservation System that pours a glass without removing the cork, and preserves the remaining wine for weeks, months, or even years. Plus the perfect combination of accessories: a carry case ideal for storage and travel, an additional vintage needle for older bottles with potentially fragile corks, an aerator to rapidly aerate as you pour, two screw caps, and five Coravin Pure™ Argon Capsules to support a variety of tasting.
Unlock your wine collection one glass at a time with this system designed to elevate your tasting journey.

What's included

Timeless Three Wine Preservation System

Coravin Aerator

Needle Clearing Tool

Bottle Sleeve

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

One-Year Warranty

Over 1 million devices sold worldwide

Timeless Three Enthusiast Set

$469.00 CAD

How to Pour with the Coravin Timeless Wine Preservation System


Align the SmartClamps™ over the neck of the bottle and push down firmly on the Handle in one fluid motion.

Tip & Pour

Tilt the bottle until the Spout is over the glass. Quickly press and release the Trigger to pour.

How to Pour with the Coravin Timeless Wine Preservation System
Capsule Life

Each Capsule will allow you to pour up to 15 five-ounce (150ml) glasses of wine with Timeless Systems or 20 five-ounce glasses with Pivot™ Systems.

Average Pour Rate

On average, a 5-ounce (150ml) pour of wine with a Standard Needle will take 25 to 29 seconds.

Off-Center Needle

The Needle in the Coravin System is intentionally off-center, so the Needle will insert into the cork in a different place every time.

Product Details

Size & Weight

8.46 in / 21.5 cm


1.99 in / 5.05 cm


3.93 in / 10 cm


0.59 lbs / 270 g

Timeless Three Wine Preservation System

Injection Molded Plastic, Stainless Steel, Elastomers

Coravin Pure™ Argon Capsules (21 ml)

Recyclable steel, 100% pure argon gas, Synthetic rubber, Fiberglass-reinforced nylon

Coravin Aerator

Stainless Steel, Injection Molded Plastic, Silicone

Timeless Vintage Needle

Non-stick coated stainless steel

Timeless Standard Screw Caps

Injection Molded Plastic, Silicone, Polyethylene

Timeless Carry Case


Needle Clearing Tool


Bottle Sleeve


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What types of wine cork closures does the Coravin Timeless System work with?

Bottles closed with natural cork will reseal after pouring with the Coravin Timeless wine preservation system. Please keep in mind that a colder cork will take longer to reseal (about 1 minute). Leave chilled bottles standing upright after pouring to allow more time to reseal. Coravin Timeless systems will also work with agglomerated cork, multi-piece cork, and twin top cork. Be careful when using bottles with wax seals. A thin wax coating will not affect usage – it is malleable enough that it will not damage the needle or hinder your ability to access wine. A thick waxy disc underneath the foil, most common in vintage Ports, can cause serious damage to the needle. Coravin Timeless systems DO NOT work with glass closures. This type of closure will cause permanent damage to the Coravin needle. Customers should utilize Coravin Pivot to preserve bottles with glass closures.

How do I change a Needle?

For Model One, Model Two, Model Two Elite, and Limited Edition please click here. For Model Three, Model Five, and Model Six please click here. For Model Eleven, please click here.

Why is there a Bottle Sleeve included with my system?

Bottles that are cracked or chipped can break. We provide a Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve for safety if you are more comfortable using one.

Does Argon affect the taste of the wine?

Argon is an inert, non-reactive gas, which means it does not engage with the wine or its components. Because of this property, argon is used in Coravin's wine preservation systems to protect still wines from oxidation without altering their taste or aroma. This ensures that each pour maintains the integrity and quality of the wine.

Returns & Warranty

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

If you don’t love your Coravin Wine Preservation System, return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Free Shipping over $100 ($75 for Club Coravin)

Enjoy free Ground Shipping on any orders over $100 in the continental United States.

One-Year Warranty

Shop with peace of mind. Coravin products are covered under a one-year warranty.

Which Coravin System is right for you?

All Coravin Wine Preservation Systems allow you to preserve the wine you love. Discover the System that fits your lifestyle.