Traditional Clamps User Guide

Models One, Two, Two Elite or Limited Edition (I, II, or III)

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  • A. Quick Start
  • B. Features
  • C. Important Safety Guidelines
  • D. Installing and Optimizing Capsules
  • E. Pouring Wine
  • F. Cleaning the System
  • G. Clearing the Needle
  • H. Troubleshooting

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A. Quick Start

Coravin Model Two Wine Preservation System being clamped onto the neck of a wine bottle

Coravin Wine Preservation System Quick Start Guide

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B. Features

Diagram pointing out the different parts of the Coravin Model Two Wine Preservation System

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C. Important Safety Guidelines


Click here to view important Safety Guidelines.

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D. Installing and Optimizing Capsules

Coravin Pure™ Capsule on a countertop beside the Coravin Wine Preservation System

Coravin Capsules Guide

On average, each Coravin Pure Capsule will enable you to pour about fifteen 5 ounce glasses of wine. If you hear a hissing sound when you stand your bottle up after pouring you are using more Argon gas than is necessary for your pour. Consider decreasing the pour size to ensure better optimization. And, don’t forget, it takes more Argon gas to pour when you get down to the bottom of the bottle, so pull the cork if you know you will be drinking the rest of the bottle that day.

Diagram of the Model Two Wine Preservation System showing step 1, sliding the Clamps up, and step 2, twisting off the Capsule Cup

1. Be sure the clamp is in the up position (as shown).

2. Unscrew Capsule Cup.

Diagram showing a Coravin Pure™ Capsule going into the Capsule Cup

3. Insert round end of Capsule into Capsule Cup.

Diagram showing a hand screwing the Capsule Cup onto the Coravin Model Two Wine Preservation System

4. Quickly screw Cup back onto System until there is no gap and Cup is aligned. This ensures a tight seal and no gas loss.

Diagram showing hands sliding the Clamps down and pressing and releasing the trigger on the Model Two Wine Preservation System

5. Slide the Clamp down until locked into place.

6. Quickly press the trigger to release a short burst of gas. If there is no hissing sound, see Troubleshooting.

Note: Coravin Capsules are made of recyclable materials. EMPTY Capsules can be recycled according to local regulations. DO NOT dispose of unused Capsules.

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E. Pouring Wine

NOTE: Use on bottles with natural cork (remove foil to confirm), or on screw cap bottles using Coravin Screw Caps.

NOTE: Ensure the Needle is tight by twisting clockwise. Make sure clamp is in the down position before use.

Diagram showing hand on clamps of Model Two Wine Preservation System, putting it on a wine bottle

1. Open the Clamp by squeezing the Clamp Handles together. Place around the neck of the bottle so the Needle Guide rests on top of the foil/cork. Release Clamp Handles to secure on the bottle.

Press and release the trigger

2. Quickly PRESS AND RELEASE the Trigger to purge air out of the Needle and fill it with gas. The System will emit a quick hissing sound.

Hand pushing Model Two Wine Preservation System onto the bottle

3. Push down on the Handle to insert the Needle all the way through the cork.

Tipping the bottle and System at 45-degree angle, with one hand on the bottle and one on the handle

4. Hold the bottle with one hand and the Handle with the other. Tilt the bottle until the Spout is over the glass and the back of the bottle is raised higher than the Spout.

Pour with the Traditional Coravin Wine Preservation System by pressing and releasing the Trigger

5. Quickly PRESS AND RELEASE the Trigger to pour wine. Once the Trigger is released, wine will pour for several seconds. Repeat until the desired amount of wine is poured.


6. Tip the bottle upright to stop wine from pouring. Any remaining gas in the bottle will be released and a hissing sound may be heard.


NOTE: To optimize gas usage, allow the pour to slow before pressing the Trigger again. Lots of hissing indicates too much gas was used.

Remove the Coravin Needle from the cork by pulling straight up on the Handle

7. Hold the bottle neck with one hand and pull the Handle straight up with the other to remove the Needle from the cork. NOTE: A few drops of residual wine may be seen on top of the cork. This is normal.

Remove the Traditional Clamps Coravin Wine Preservation System from the bottle by squeezing the clamps open and pulling off horizontally

8. Open the Clamp by squeezing the Clamp Handles and remove from the bottle.


9. Store the bottle on its side in a temperature controlled area suitable for wine.

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F. Cleaning the System

Coravin Wine Preservation System is held under a running faucet

Coravin Cleaning Guide

To clean the Traditional Clamps Coravin Wine Preservation System, hold the Spout under a stream of water

1. Place the Spout under a steady stream of warm CLEAN water for at least 5 seconds. IMPORTANT: Never press the Trigger while rinsing the Spout. This may damage the System.

2. Remove from the water and quickly PRESS AND RELEASE the Trigger to release some gas, clearing any excess water.

3. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

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G. Clearing the Needle

Screencap from the Needle Tips video showing four Coravin Needles arranged on a countertop

Coravin Needle Tips

Unscrew the Needle from the Coravin Wine Preservation System

1. Start with the Clamp in the down position. Grasp the Needle Grip, located at the top of the Needle, and unscrew it to release it from the System. The Needle drops down quickly.

Pull the Needle out of the Coravin Wine Preservation System at an angle.

2. Tilt Needle slightly and pull it up and away from System to remove.

Insert the Needle Clearing Tool into the top and the eye of the Coravin Needle. Slide back and forth to remove cork particles.

3. If installing a new Needle, carefully remove Needle Guard. Place Guard onto old Needle and dispose according to local regulations.

4. If existing Needle is clogged, use Needle Clearing Tool to poke cork/sediment through the eye of Needle.


5. Hold new Needle by Needle Grip and slide pointed end back into Needle Guide, slightly tilting Needle.


6. Screw Needle Grip back into System until fully tightened.

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H. Troubleshooting

Wine is not pouring

Possible Cause: Trigger was not pressed and released to initiate pour.
Solution: Make sure to press and release Trigger so wine can start flowing.

Possible Cause: Bottle is not tilted enough.
Solution: Ensure bottom of bottle is raised higher than Spout while pouring.

Possible Cause: Needle is clogged or damaged.
Solution: Unscrew Needle. Quickly press and release Trigger, If System emits a hissing sound, Needle is clogged. Refer to Changing Needle for instructions.

Possible Cause:
Coravin Pure Capsule is empty.
Solution: Insert a new Coravin Pure Capsule.

Possible Cause: Needle is not fully inserted through cork.
Solution: Press Handle all the way down to ensure Needle is fully through cork.

Wine is pouring slowly

Possible Cause: This happens when the bottle is accessed for the first time.
Solution: Press and release Trigger a few times to get wine to pour. Repeat as necessary.

It is difficult to insert and remove System from wine bottles

Possible Cause: Some corks are more difficult to puncture than others.
Solution: This is normal, especially for cold corks.

Possible Cause: Coating on Needle may be worn.
Solution: Replace Needle if tip is worn or damaged.

The cork is leaking/dripping

Possible Cause: Bottle has a plastic cork which does not reseal.
Solution: Only access wines with natural corks. Use Coravin Screw Caps for bottles with screw cap closures.

Possible Cause: System was left in the cork for too long.
Solution: Remove Coravin System immediately after pouring.

Possible Cause: Cork might be cold, old, or dry and has difficulty resealing.
Solution: Give cork additional time to reseal or try the Vintage Needle.

Possible Cause: Residual wine from the Needle or the wine path
Solution: This is normal; wait a few minutes, wipe the top of the cork and it should be resealed.

There are particles in the wine

Possible Cause: Cork particles or sediment in wine have passed through Needle.
Solution: This is normal for some wines.

System is not dispensing 15 5oz pours per capsule

Possible Cause: Too much gas is being used to pour wine (pressing the Trigger too often and too long).
Solution: Refer to "Getting the Most Out of Each Coravin Pure Capsule" section under "Useful Tips".

Possible Cause: Capsule Cup or Needle is not installed tight enough.
Solution: Tighten Capsule Cup and Needle.