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How to Use the Coravin Screw Cap

A close up shot of a Coravin Screw Cap being screwed onto a wine bottle.

How to Use Coravin Screw Caps

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What are the benefits of Coravin Screw Caps?

The Coravin Screw Cap expands the possibilities of the Coravin Timeless Wine Preservation System by allowing you to pour and protect wines closed with a screw cap for up to 3 months. Coravin Screw Caps are not compatible with the Coravin Pivot Wine Preservation System.

What kinds of wine closures work with the Coravin Screw Cap?

Wines that have a screw top/metal closure will work with the Coravin Screw Cap attachment.

How long will wine under a Screw Cap last?

When the Coravin System together with a Screw Cap is used correctly, wine will keep up to 3 months. Ensure proper storage of the wine while using Coravin Screw Caps.

Why are there two sizes of Coravin Screw Caps?

Screw cap bottles come in a variety of sizes and Coravin Screw Caps accommodate most. The majority of bottles use the Standard Size while a very small percentage use the Large Size.

How many pours can I get with each Screw Cap?

Each Cap allows for about 50 pours before needing to be replaced. The Cap can be used from bottle to bottle.

Do you have to clean the Screw Cap between bottles?

We recommend cleaning the Screw Cap between bottles.

How do I clean my Screw Cap?

We recommend that you rinse your Screw Cap thoroughly with warm water and dry it before using it on the next bottle.