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Best Wine Preservation Tips: Coravin's 4 C's

July 14, 2021

Written By Coravin

Coravin wine preservation systems are built last, giving wine enthusiasts the ability to expand their palettes and giving wine connoisseurs the confidence to taste through their cellars without risking spoilage. No matter where you fall on the wine-lovers spectrum, Coravin was created with your wine drinking experience in mind.

Aside from needing to replace the Coravin needle and capsules from time-to-time, the rest of the system should last for many, many glasses of red, white, and rosé as long as it’s cared for properly.

To ensure that you take good care of your Coravin wine preservation system we created what we call the “4 C’s” – closure, clear, clean, and cellar. In short, these refer to:

  • Being aware of the closure type

  • Clearing the system before each use

  • Cleaning the system after each use

  • Storing properly in your cellar or wine storage system

Let’s dive deeper. 

Does Coravin work on all corks?

Every time you use a Coravin Timeless wine preservation system, the needle pierces through a cork or our screw cap closure and with a simple tilt and press, wine comes out. It’s important that the wine closure is either natural cork, agglomerated cork, multi-piece cork, or twin top cork. Synthetic cork won’t reseal itself. Finally, be wary of wax seals – a thin layer won’t affect usage but a thicker layer could hinder your ability to access the wine. When in doubt, use a screw cap closure. 

Why do I need to clear the Coravin system?

Before every use (or at the beginning of the evening), we recommend pressing the trigger quickly to clear the system just in case there’s any residue in there. A nice, short press will do. It’s also perfect for checking to make sure your capsule still has some argon gas available. 

You don’t need to clear Coravin Pivot since the wine tube and spout are wider than our Timeless systems.

How to clean a Coravin wine preservation system

Cleaning your Coravin system – both Timeless and Pivot – is super easy. After every use (or at the end of an evening) we recommend rinsing the system with warm water and drying with a cloth. To rinse, simply hold the spout under warm water and let the water run through. Rinse the needle and gently pat the system dry.

How to store wine after Coravin use

The final C is for cellar. Whether you have a fancy wine cellar or not is besides the point. Store your wines as if they were unopened and you wanted them to last forever – in a cool, dark place on their sides. For fragile or cold corks (wines that were chilled), leave the bottle in an upright position for a few extra minutes to allow them to reseal themselves before you tuck them away.

And, that’s that: Closure, clear, clean and cellar. Take care of your system, Coravin crew!

Coravin Model Six Wine Preservation System under a running faucet

Coravin's 4 C's