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With the Coravin Wine Preservation System, you can drink any wine, in any amount, without ever pulling the cork.

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Imagine all you can do when you pour wine without removing the cork.
  • Freedom by the Glass

    Red, white, rosé, or maybe a little of each? Drink whatever you’re craving and save the rest for weeks, months, or even years.

  • Explore by the Pour

    Experiment with unique food and wine pairings. Taste a wine before your meal to see if it pairs well. If not, put it back on the rack and try another!

  • Host Like Never Before

    Throw unforgettable wine tasting parties. Be the ultimate host and allow your guests to taste any wine they want without worrying about leftovers.

  • No Compromise

    Do you and your spouse have different tastes in wine? Compromise on the big things, not on what’s in your glass. Drink Pinot Noir while he drinks Cabernet, and save the rest of the bottle for next time.

  • Cook with Coravin

    Use your favorite wines for cooking. Drink a glass on Monday and use the same bottle in your dish on Thursday.

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With Coravin, the last glass will taste just as amazing as the very first.

See how it compares with other preservation methods.

Coravin preserves your wine for weeks, months, or even years. To prove it, Coravin has been tested by hundreds of wine professionals. Watch Now >

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There is a Coravin for every wine lover.

Browse products from one of our four families of Systems:

  • Model One

    For wine lovers at the start of their journey

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  • Model Two

    The Coravin Classic, a flawless experience with every pour

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  • Model Two Elite Pro

    The Luxury Coravin in a variety of colors with premium Coravin accessories

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  • Model Eleven

    Automatic and Bluetooth-Connected, the most advanced Coravin yet

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Model Two Elite Light Gold

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